Rules and Regulations   

Hours of Operation:            7:30am - 5:30pm (10 hour day of operation)

Black-out times:             no later than 9:30am (NO CHILD DROP OFFS PERMITTED)

  • Ensures no interruptions of the children’s daily curriculum.
  • Prior arrangements can be made to accommodate Dr. Appointments.

Drop off times earlier than 7:30am, upon approval, are charged at $20/hr. per day with a minimum 1-hour charge.

Late fees:
After 5:30pm will be $1 per minute, rounded up to the nearest 5-minute interval, unless a prior agreement is made.  Late fees will be due upon pickup that day.  If payment is not possible that day then the following day at pickup.

A deposit is required to hold any spot longer than one week.  Amount of deposit will be determined by how long the spot needs to be held.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS for any reason of cancellation or relinquishment of the spot being held.


Are due promptly Friday mornings or Friday afternoon at the latest.  There will be a $20.00 late fee assessed for each day late.

Holiday and Floater Pay: 

Holidays are full pay days or weeks.

I take seven floater days, which replace my sick days for the year.  There are 5 days for Winter Break.  New Year’s Eve and day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July. (If it lands on a Thursday we will also be closed Friday) President’s Day and Good Friday.

Vacation Pay: 

Vacation days are paid at half rate.  I receive two weeks at ½ pay.  Parents will receive Half Pay rate for their vacation time as long as a 1-month notice is given. 2 weeks maximum per calendar year.
You will receive your discount the following month if notice is not given.

Food Program and Daily Meals:

Little Rascals Daycare will serve two snacks, Breakfast and Lunch.

If you child needs special food; is allergic or has other special needs regarding food, please provide the proper lunch when dropping off your child.   Little Rascals Daycare and its owner holds no liability regarding problems, issues or incidents that may occur from any food allergies not communicated and provided to the owner in written form.  I am with Beanstalk Food Program so your child will eat nutritiously while in our care.


Little Rascals Daycare will try to make every birthday a special one.  If you decide to participate, we ask that the gift be at least a $10.00 dollar value. The Birthday child brings the 10:00am snack and some sort of goody bag.

Christmas Party:

We also celebrate Christmas with friends and Santa. We exchange names and we have $20.00 limit for Christmas gifts.


Children must be picked up promptly when sick with fever, vomiting or Diarrhea.  The child must go 24 hours without fever, vomiting or Diarrhea in order to return to school.  I will not accept the child back to school until the 24-hour rule is followed.  For colds and coughs, I will allow your child to attend school as long as the runny nose is clear and being treated.  For children 2 and up I will need these items labeled with your child’s name; a cough, runny nose and fever reducer. This is stored in a safe place and will only be given under my supervision and by your consent.

Back Pack: 

Bring a backpack with your child’s name so that we are able to keep things organized.  Please, provide a change of clothes for any accidents that may occur.

Potty training/Diapers: 

If your child is not trained, you will need to provide diapers and Wipes.  When the child is ready, please discuss it with me so we can work as a team.


I use timeout when needed. We use incentives like treats and grab box. Grab Box is not given until 3 years of age and treats at 2 1/2 years of age so the concept is understood. 

In the event timeouts do not work when a child is acting out and otherwise disrupting the operation of the daycare, parents are responsible to arrange for an immediate pickup of their child upon notification from Little Rascals Daycare.  Early pickups from disciplinary problems are not refunded or credited towards current or future fees.

Daily Sheets: 

Are given for children under the age of two.  It gives information on eating, B.M.S., naps and daily events.

Medical Information: 

All medical records and information must be completed before attending Little Rascals Daycare.


A monthly calendar will be given at the beginning of each month to inform you of monthly activities, learning and events.  A yearly calendar will come out every December and this will give you all the days that Little Rascals Daycare will be closed.

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